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Grounding Visualization:
   opening to universal energy.

  This meditation is the foundation of this course. You will need to do it eight times a day, for 45 days, to make the grounded state permanent.
This is very important!!




  Here is an exercise I use many times a day to stay grounded, well enough connected to source to be quite immune to most negative energy. It's a pretty simple visualization, when I use it with other people I enhance their energy flow with the power of my own Magic, and the result is Kundalini awakening. I have discovered K. is readily transmittable over the net.. this course is Shakti-charged.

  I also use the same grounding technique when I set out to do healing, or any kind of magic. So will you.

  You can do it sitting at your computer, hands apart, spine straight, feet flat on the floor.

  I've seen some people in my life totally transform their lives, from the springboard of this one little visualization, repeated faithfully. Following guidance.
  It is ancient and powerful.

  I have come across many different types of grounding meditations and visualizations, in my spiritual studies. The simplest is a child imagining it is as tree, with leaves absorbing sunlight and roots digging deep into the Earth. The best parts of all of them are embodied in this simplicity.
  Use the visualization anytime. A suggestion for making the grounded state permanent is to carry a stopwatch that is set to go off 8x a day for 45 days, doing the visualization each time it goes off. (thank you, Morgana.)

Grounded is our natural state of being. As we grow up and our parents try to civilize us, we internalize the idea that we are not perfect not deserving of unconditional love, and we choke off the source of life energy that is meant to support us.
   We get bad energy habits from our parents that need to be changed with persistence and attention for our spiritual wellbeing.


  Sit comfortably, cross legged or in a chair in a balanced position, hands apart, feet flat on the floor. Take a few deep breaths, relax your body, focus your attention.


  Visualize a sunbeam coming straight down from waaaay up above, shining directly on the top of your head. 
   Feel it warming the top of your head,

then the top of the head becomes a flower (1000 petaled lotus)

  The flower opens to the warmth

  and draws the sunlight down it's stem,

  into your head,

  sparkling, tingling,

  into the third eye and throat,

  to fill a reservoir space in the torso,
  an oval going from belly to collarbone.

  When the space is filled
  with bright sparkling radiant light,
  brilliant as the sunrise reflecting off the ocean,

  we notice the inner container has a hole in the bottom,
  and a stream of light leaks from the bottom of the reservoir,

  down through your feet, down

  down like a laser beam drilling


  Waaaaay down

  to the very center of the Earth.

  Gaia's fiery crystalline heart,
  Her Kundalini.
  When the beam hits the centre,

  it seems to almost start some kind of explosion down there

  it sparks a volcano of light from the firey crystal

  that comes up


  up through the earth

  roaring back up

  like "Old Faithful",

  back into your feet,
  (feel them start to tingle?)

  exploding the reservoir of light in your center

  into star bright radiance, glowing, growing

  into an oval bigger than you.

  shooting out the top of your head

  like an umbrella-fountain,

  sun drops rolling down to describe the oval

  that is the perimeter of your aura,
  two feet above your head
  and three feet below your feet
  making it complete and sealed against all harm.

  A force field bubble shielding you.

  Some of the light going up

  keeps going up

  waaaay up

  up to wherever it came from

  up there.

  The center, fed and charged
  by the light flowing through you down and up

  increases in brilliance

  bigger and brighter

  to fill the whole oval of your aura completely.

Feel yourself
     as an egg of light
   on an eternal thread of light
   with light coming from Creator to Earth
   and back again
   through you
   and around you.

When you can hold this mental image clearly,
  (as bright and clear as you can make it)
  make an internal request for it to stay that way.

  Snap your fingers,
  "Circuit is Locked in".
  Your unconscious will now maintain the light circuit,
  while you do other things.

You are now grounded. 

  How do you feel?

Do you notice:
the complete absence of negative, limiting, or fearful thoughts in this state?

  the relaxation and sense of well being?
  the tingling of the soles of the feet and fingertips?
  the sensation of lightness of being?
These are the signs of being grounded into "Universal Source". 

  If you try to find an emotion that describes the feeling of this energy,
  you will discover that the only word that fits is "Love".
  absolute, unconditional love and acceptance.

  The shock of this realization sometimes completely un-grounds very insecure people.
  Are your feet still tingling?
  If this idea makes your feet stop tingling, you need to take a few minutes to slide on past the feelings of being unworthy, you know Creator loves you... unconditionally.
  Regardless of how you feel about you.

  If you have become ungrounded,
  Go back to the top and start over again.
  Take your time, focus on your breathing in the light..
  Very worth doing.

Think of how good that feels.. love is supposed to feel good, right?

Think of how good it feels to be in love,
  and imagine what it is like to feel that good all of the time, but without needing to be fixated on another person as the source of the feeling?

Enlightenment is constantly feeling madly in love with everything and everyone in All of Creation.

You may find that you feel a little sleepy after this: this is simply because your unconscious mind wants to get your ego out of the way, in sleep so it can make good use of the energy to heal you. To assist this process, drink plenty of water.


Transcript of the Video Lesson

   The foundation of my spiritual teaching is the Grounding exercise. This is an exercise to open yourself to the universal life force, and draw it inside of your body to accentuate your own life force. Begin by taking three deep breaths. Breathing in relaxation, breathing out tension. You should be sitting up straight with your hands apart, your legs uncrossed and your feet flat on the floor. ... deep breaths ... just relax yourself.

   Now I want you to imagine that you're on a very warm sunny beach, or somewhere out of doors that feels good to you. And I want you to imagine that it's high noon, and the sun is directly overhead. And you can feel the heat from it on the top of your head, it's very warm. Focus for a moment on imagining this until you actually feel the heat. The effect could be very subtle, but it will be very definite. And as you feel the heat on the top of your head, it will feel like the top of your head has become a flower. The crown chakra is the thousand petal lotus and as you feel the sunlight, the flower begins to open, ever so gently. To open itself and spread its petals so that it can draw the sunlight down inside of you.

   And as the flower opens, the sunlight begins to enter you. It goes in your head. It goes in your face. You can feel it going down your spine and into your neck. In the center of your torso, there is, like, a reservoir, to hold this energy. Just imagine that you have an oval shape from your collar bones to your pelvis, and the sunlight that's coming down inside of you is starting to fill up this oval shape. You can imagine that the sunlight acts like liquid if you like, but just imagine it filling that center, any way you want to imagine it... visually... feeling it... If you tend to imagine things with sound, then you can imagine the sound of a glass filling. The tone changes as it fills up. The important thing is just that you imagine that your center is filled with light, from above you.

   Now as your center is filled, I want you to imagine that the bottom of your reservoir has a little leak in it. Not enough so that it's ever going to drain dry, but there's sunlight coming out of the bottom of the reservoir. It's going down through you. It's coming out your tail bone. It's going down your legs. It's going out your feet into the earth. And as it goes into the earth, it's like a laser beam drill. It's drilling down... down... down into the earth... all the way down into the earth. It's going down... it's going down to the very center of the earth, which is a beautiful fiery crystal. And as the light from above you touches that fiery crystal at the core, it starts off an explosion down there.

   What you give to the crystal it gives back better. and now there's more light, and its coming rushing back up the hole that you made to the center of the earth. It's like a volcano. It's like Old Faithful. It's coming back up, up, up, up, and you feel it when it comes in your feet, Your feet will start to tingle like they've been given a really good massage. Pay attention to that tingle. You feel it coming up your legs. You feel it coming up into the center, and when it hits that center, that center explodes into radiance, and expands into a circle that is the outer edge of your aura. Approximately a couple of feet above your head, a couple of feet below your feet, all of you is contained in a big egg shape, a big egg oval of light.

   Imagine that.

   The oval is filled with light, and some of the light that's coming back up through you from the earth. Is shooting out the top of your head, and its coming down around you like one of those fountains that are shaped like an umbrella. And the drops of the earth light are raining down around the outside of your egg aura to create a shield for you, like an egg shell. As the light rains down, it begins to shield you.

   Now some of the light that's coming back up from the earth goes all the way back up where it came from, all the way back up to touch the sun. And when the light from the earth touches the sun, it reacts exactly the same as when the sun touched the crystal underground. The love you give to the earth, and give to the sun begins to come back down multiplied. So now you can feel almost like a warm rain, more sunlight raining down on top of you, coming into you, and filling you.

   And if you imagine how the energy is moving between the center of the Earth and the center of our solar system, which is the sun, and your own aura, it's like you are an egg of light, on the eternal thread of light, with the energy moving through you both ways. Focus on the energy moving. Get the conception very clear in your mind. You may feel it as a tingly sensation. When you've got it very clear, (*snap*) lock it in, so that the energy will continue circulating without your conscious focus.

   Keep watching this video and practicing until you get very good at doing this.

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