Mystress Angelique Serpent: Realplayer download tips.



    You need a copy of  Get a free copy of RealPlayer  to view my videos.

Please note: the videos were formatted to realmedia in 1999, and some of them don't work with the most modern versions. Choose realplayer version 6, G2, 7 or 8 for optimum viewing.

The creation of this course would not have been possible without technical support and inspiration from:

Specialists in streaming media educational programs.

  • 1. For RealPlayer version 7 or 8 beta to work properly, your computer must meet these minimum requirements.


  • 2. If your computer meets these minimum requirements, then you can download Realplayer from the website. You can download RealPlayer 8 Basic beta for free from their website, or purchase the commercial version Realplayer plus for $29.95 usd
       There are several free versions of Realplayer, and You will be taken to a page that asks for your name and email address, and your operating system to make sure you get the correct one for your system, and so they can send you information on updates. Fill in the form, and click on the download link, to be taken to another page that offers you various bundled options.


  • 3. If your computer does not meet these requirements, then click here to get an older version of RealPlayer. Version G2 or 5.0 is needed for this presentation.

  • 4. It will take about an hour to download the RealPlayer if you are connecting to the Internet with a dial-up phone connection.

  • 5. To install the RealPlayer, open the downloaded file and follow the directions.

  • 6. Then, restart your computer, and come back to Bookmark this page so you can find it again easily.

  • 7. For more assistance with setting up your RealPlayer, click here.

  • 8. If you have an internet connection with low bandwidth, you can get a CD of Fire Serpent Tantra that includes all the realmedia videos, as an add-on to your membership.

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