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The Course Format.

   This is a simple guide to making the most out of this program.

   Personal growth and the unfolding of the Kundalini process does not happen overnight. Please take your time with this program. I suggest you do a lesson per week. I have set the course up so that the previous lesson/next lesson links at the bottom of each page are the only navigation. Please resist the temptation to skip ahead. Bookmark each page in a folder of it's own, and come back to it two or three times before going onto the next lesson. Take time to integrate the information, and let insights come forth from your own consciousness.

   I would like for you to keep a private journal of your experiences during this course. Preferably, a hardcopy notebook that you can carry with you and jot down notes in longhand. You will be going through a lot of personal changes as this course progresses, and a journal is useful for putting your thoughts and insights in order, and later it will be a cherished archival record of the process of your growth.

   I encourage you to share your insights and experiences with me, and with the other students, by sharing them in the "Tea room". At the bottom of each page, is a link to the Fire Serpent Tantra bulletin board, for course members only. This is the community center where students may go to discuss their insights and experiences with other members. Having a sense of community of shared experience is important for spiritual growth.

    This is also the support forum where you may ask me any questions you may have about the course material, or your individual process.
    If you have a question, then probably someone else is wondering about the same thing. People learn from reading about the experiences of others, so I prefer to offer support in an open venue. Shy members may post anonymously.

    For simplicity, each lesson page follows the same format. It begins with the Video lesson. Clicking on the Fire Serpent logo or the link labeled "video" brings up the vimeo window to start the video lesson playing.

   I suggest that you begin each lesson by watching the video.

    Under the title art, there is a table of contents for each lesson that looks like this:
  • Quotes
  • Essay Lesson
  • Experiences
  • Transcript of the video
  • Links
  • This TOC links to the different parts of the lesson. The different parts are as follows:


       I have said in the "thanks and credits" essay, that there is nothing new under the sun. The text portion of each lesson opens with various quotes from famous and not-so famous people, that relate to the topic of the lesson. Some of the quotes are insightful, some are humorous, some even show an opposed viewpoint to what the lesson teaches.

       In this section I expand on the ideas presented in the video, in the form of an essay on the topic. I will also outline various meditations, thought experiments and exercises that I want you to complete before going onto the next lesson.



       This section is missing from most of the lessons. I have plenty of experiences archived, however I prefer to add the experiences of Fire Serpent Tantra students, with their consent.
       If you would like to read some Kundalini awakening experiences, I suggest you visit my other Kundalini site.


    Transcript of the Video Lesson

        In this section there is a transcript of the video.

        Since this is an on-line course, I have chosen to make use of the ready made "Library" that the Internet presents, and use a links list to offer you additional information on each topic.
       I finish each page with a list of external links on each topic, that I have gathered from the web. I want you to get a broader overview of each topic, and see how the same ideas can be expressed in different ways. I would encourage you to spend some time with them, but you do not have to read them all. Most of the linked web sites are closely related to the lesson, some offer additional information and insights. Some offer an opposing view.

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